Forgive My Life

Murphy’s Laws of Motherhood

Posted on: June 19, 2012

I have no excuse for my lack of blogging…except the 5 kids, the dog, the husband, the house, the purging, and the studying. There are about a zillion FML moments that I have let go without blogging. I am barely able to open the computer, let alone form that shit into sentences and blog posts.

Yesterday I realized that Murphy’s Law has a completely separate set of rules when it comes to motherhood. Here’s a compilation of a few Murphy’s Laws of Motherhood:

-Mom will use the bathroom immediately after the one that pees on the seat. Every time.

-Mom will use the energy of 100 men to clean all the things while the kids destroy it all.

-Mom will discover that we are out of toilet paper…while using the bathroom.

-Mom will just sit down to a cup of hot coffee when the shit hits the fan (figuratively AND literally).

-Mom will just lay down for a nap when all of the neighbourhood kids decide to converge upon the house…especially when the kids are not home.

-Mom will spend hours creating a delicious meal…only to have to eat it cold.

-Mom will make sure the kids have everything they need (and more) to leave the house…and then forget to put on a bra.

-Mom will remember everyone’s birth date, health care #, bank account/credit card #, password, doctor’s phone #,…. and forget how old she is/her cell number/her middle name/that damned bra.

Please feel free to add your own Murphy’s Laws of Motherhood to the list!


2 Responses to "Murphy’s Laws of Motherhood"

I found your blog through “The Foodie & the Family.” i am turning 60 in about a month and have been thinking a lot about what kind of parent I was. I have two grown sons who i love and who love me….. so everything turned out for the best I guess, but there were so many days that resembled “forgive my life.” I read your past posts and they made me laugh(really hard) and seemed very familiar. What I lacked in sheer number of kids I made up with chaos from multiple pets. Not that I am comparing kids to pets, but whatever. I have come to the conclusion that parenting is just trying to get through the days, doing the best you can – always trying to do better with love as the intention.
Keep your sense of humor because I think it is sure to be a wild ride.

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